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Liwana is an experienced buddy and vacation planner who will walk the traveler through the whole process of planning, researching, and booking a vacation. 

We provide services not just as a company, but in a perspective where we follow the 'what-if-I-was-the-traveler' ideology.

We want to make holiday planning fun and easy, so we've created an innovative, dependable, and tech-focused travel brand that focuses on offering an exceptional holiday booking and delivery experience from start to finish.

Currently operating as an online marketplace model bringing both the travelers and trusted & expert travel agents on a common platform, the aim is to encompass all the components of the holiday eco-system and be the one-stop solution for the traveler.

Not just making holiday planning easier for our travelers by providing expertise and competitive tour package, in terms of rates, experience, service, and post-tour customer service experience but we are also building a network of professionals who are our travel experts and exposing them to cutting-edge technology with the smooth hassle-free work culture.

The uniqueness of our team is that all of us are travelers ourselves and have a certain specialty of a specific destination and are known to be having experience of 15+ years in this field for traveling and helping our travelers find their ecstasy in both domestic and international regions.

We understand your requirements better than anyone else. Be it budget, solo, luxury, private, romantic, group tours, we have just the right solution for you. Just name and leave the hustle to us. The only hustle you need to do is just pack your bags, and let us know about your next dream vacation. 

 Come, Let's explore the globe together and quench the wanderlust within us.

Your travel buddy,

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