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experiences that become a part of you


About the Destination:

It's no surprise that Uttarakhand is known as the 'Land of Gods,' as it is wrapped in green and surrounded by the Himalayas. The Beatles' visit in 1968 helped popularize the diversified and abundant state that is today a renowned tourist destination. The much-anticipated Ganga Aarti — a spiritual gathering along the sacred Ganges River – has drawn people from all over the country.


Thousands of people visit the state's lush Jim Corbett National Park every day to see the royal Bengal Tiger and other local fauna that thrive in its thick verdure. Uttarakhand takes you on a mystical, almost magical trip that offers you a variety of vacation experiences you've never had before. Uttarakhand's expansive landscapes, flowing rivers, and the majestic Himalayas have an innate charm. Every season in Uttarakhand displays an amazing display of hues as if the state were God's own painting.


A visit to these gorgeous valleys is enough to elicit feelings of romanticism in those seeking love or spirituality in those seeking to get closer to God. Don't dismiss Uttarakhand as just another spiritual retreat; the Land of Gods will delight you with a variety of exciting activities throughout your stay. There's nothing an adventurous person would miss in Uttarakhand's hilly terrains, whether it's rock climbing, river rafting, trekking, or mountain biking.


Your vacation to Uttarakhand will leave you pleased since it is a mystery of myth and mountains. With every breath of pure Himalayan air, you'll feel a surge like you've never felt before. During your stay here, live in what Hindus refer to as the 'Dev Bhoomi' and travel the lap of varied vegetation that awaits you. Uttarakhand will leave you with a bouquet of memories to look back on in a few years.

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